Gear Pool

This is a list of tools and equipment available to all heretics up to their gear pool value.

Any item may be taken more than once except where indicated.

You picking an item does not exclude someone else from taking it. The gear pool represents the armoury aboard the Gamma and is, for the purposes of your starting acquisitions, unlimited. You don’t have to take anything from the gear pool if you so choose. If you select an item with a number next to it, that is the amount of that item you get from a single selection.

2 Frag Grenades
2 Krak Grenades
3 Photon Flash Grenades
3 Stun Grenades
3 Smoke Grenades
3 Web Grenades
1 Hallucinagen Grenade (May only be chosen once)
1 Haywire Grenade (May only be chosen once)
2 additional clips for one starting weapon
1 Legion Frag Grenade
1 Legion Krak Grenade
1 Weapon Upgrade to starting weapon
1 Armour Upgrade to starting armour
Vox Caster
Combi Tool
Multi Key
1 Melta Bomb
1 Demolition Charge
Static Generator
Signal Jammer
Comm Leach
Pict Recorder
Data Slate
1 Injector with a drug of choice
Disguise Kit
Demolitions kit
Photo Contacts
Clip/Drop Harness
Ration Packs(1 Week Supply)

Gear Pool

The Legion Monk