Borophos IV

Auros ix

You are currently in the Borophos system aboard the alpha legion strike cruiser Gamma.

According to the initial mission brief on Borophos IV, based on information gathered from alpha legion spies on the surface, the planet has a temperate climate climate. There are wide expanses of ocean and one major continent. Long range scans are conflicting and inconclusive, several probes have been sent to the planet and none have been able to transmit any data.

On the continent, the capital city has a population of approximately 100 million people.
There are several support structures including mining facilities and space ports, these locations have been impossible to infiltrate which is why this taskforce has been sent.

There have been no communications from the infiltrators on the ground for several decades terran standard. The assumption is that their cover was blown and they have been killed or captured.

There is a network of tunnels, mines and bunkers that run under the continent, this is apparently where the ultramarines garrison is stationed as well.

The garrison is small, no more than 20 marines as trainers and advisers for the local military and to deter rebellion from the local populace.

There is a significant PDF and arbite presence on the planet due to previous rebellions against imperial authority.

Borophos IV

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