XV42 "Garnet"

Assassin Infiltrator

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel Inf Cor Wnd
38 48 35 35 45 30 40 28 30 24 0 15

Pride: Foresight
Disgrace: Wrath
Motivation: Immortality


Athletics, Awareness, Common Lore (War, Screaming Vortex, Tech), Deceive +20, Dodge +10, Intimidate, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigation (Surface), Operate (Aeronautica), Parry, Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Security, Sleight Of Hand, Stealth, Tech Use +10, Trade (Armourer), Survival +10


Jaded, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Weapon Training (Chain, Las +10, Primary, SP, Bolt), Heavy Weapon Training (Las), Catfall, Deadeye Shot, Disarm, Ambidextrous


Quick And The Dead, Adroit (Agility)


Mesh Combat Cloak, Mesh Cowl, Chameleoline Cloak, Good Helmet Augmentation, Alcohol, Tracking Implant, Ration Pack (1 Week), Stummer, Grapnel, 25 “currency”, Bolt shotgun-pistol, Box of spackel, Pineapple


Long-las with Fire Selector (Standard & 2 Hot Shot), Silencer and Telescopic Sight
1 Spare Las Clip
1 Spare Hotshot Las Clip
3 Photon Flash Grenades

Gifts of the Gods:



Max Carrying Weight: 36kg. Max Lifting Weight: 72kg. Max Pushing Weight: 144kg.
Carrying 17.5kg

Starting Information

Starting Talents/Traits/Skills:
Standard starting Talents/Traits/Skills as per Renegade as well as:
Stealth +10
Tech Use
Disguise +10
Survival +10
Slight of Hand
Navigation Surface
Any Weapon Training required to use starting gear
(If you already have the skill you get a +10)

Starting Gear:
Starting Gear is not the automatic gear generated at character creation.
-Mesh Combat Cloak + Cowl
-Chameleoline Cloak
-Good Helmet Augmentation
-Longlas(Telescopic Sight, Fire Selector[1 standard mag, 2 hot shot]) OR Axon Razor + Mono Sword
+Automatic Starting Gear
+4 Picks from Gear Pool


Rough words/notes. Will make better when not falling asleep at work

Garnet’s creation was uneventful. Just a standard vat-grown assassin, a dime-a-dozen through out the vortex. It wasn’t until after his first handful of missions that his infamy really started to spread. He was almost unique in his ability to not only survive more then three missions, but his 100% success rate really set him apart. Soon contracts found there way to him from across the vortex, and the expanse beyond. Nothing was to much, or across any moral line, assuming the price was right. He also had a very unique policy in regards to those who work with him: he genuinely looked out for them, and even took care of them. Up until they where no longer needed, of course.

Despite being grown purely to kill, Garnet has been seem to exhibit a strange affinity for tech, constantly modifying and improving his weaponry. His knowledge on all things mechanical and electrical also extents past what a simple vat-grown, disposable human should know, but he often refuses to share any of this information, unless it will personally push his goals.

His face has not been seen since his first creation, buried under an almost bitch black glass mask. Only the dim green glow of what would have to be hundreds of lines and graphs of information pierce the tinted screen. His voice is dark and uncaring, augmented by his cowls elaborate sensors and breathing systems. He never shows any regrets for his actions, and even when defending fellow heretics, he gives of a cold, uncaring aura.

What’s most bizarre is an unnatural attraction to pineapple attached at all times to his belt. Anyone who tries to touch it, or even mentions it, may find they soon lack fingers, or a tongue, respectively. Only at dead of night, when it would appear that no one is around, does Garnet’s tone drop to an fearful respect, having a one sided conversation with the pineapple. What is truly worrying, however, is those who claim they’ve heard the pineapple talk back.

XV42 "Garnet"

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