Staff Sergeant Thorne

Local PDF Trooper



WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf Cor Wounds Exp
28 43 40 40 45 40 45 19 25 24 15 15 1100

Athletics, Awareness, Common Lore (War, Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy), Deceive, Dodge/Dodge +10, Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Mutants, Xenos), Intimidate, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Logic, Medicae, Operate (Surface), Parry, Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Scrutiny, Security, Sleight of Hand, Stealth/Stealth +10, Survival, Tech-Use, Trade (Technomat – Vehicular specialty)

The Quick and the Dead, Jaded, Quick Draw, Rapid reload, Weapon Training (Chain, Las, Primary, SP, Bolt, Heavy, Launcher), Catfall, Marksman, Disarm, Ambidextrous

Infernal Will

Las Carbine (Melee Attachment), Underslung Grenade Launcher, Harpoon Gun (Suspensor), 54 Tranter Hand Cannon, Grenades (2 Frag, 2 Krak, 3 Stun, 1 Hallucinogen, 1 Haywire), Melta Bomb, Guard Flak, Auspex, Combat Harness, Ration Packs/Water(1 week), Gas Mask/Respirator, 2 Reloads, Micro Bead, Lho Sticks, Alpha Legion Tracking Implant, Grav Chute, Flare Canister, Molotovs


Few that encountered Romulus Thorne thought of him as a likable sort. Aggressive, disrespectful and lacking in self control, Thorne was a surprisingly memorable youth amongst the throngs of Cadia. But fewer still would deny his tenacity and righteous fury, his unbridled need to reach deployment age and crush the Imperium’s enemies on some distant battlefield. For this he earned himself a modicum of respect from his peers and the hope of his vast family.

But to the dismay of all, Thorne’s development was stymied. While amongst many planetary cultures his height wouldn’t be unusual, under the strictly regulated requirements of Cadia, he was practically stunted. The family line had turned out unending droves of tall, capable men (which was fortunate due to the surprising resistance to common, affordable gene manipulation that the family seemed to have), but Thorne was the first to not meet regulation. His performance in training was outstanding, his versatility with ballistics amazing the administrators. As a form of purgatory, Thorne was spared a fate amongst the hordes of broken, unseen workers that fuelled the entire Cadian existence, instead thrown into auxiliary training programmes where his height would not be an issue.

While the administratum pondered its options and the family Thorne desperately tried to gather meagre thrones together for augmentation that might fix this terrible shame, Romulus Thorne excelled once again, having a natural talent for vehicular repair and maintenance (what he could do with a few moments and some tools took days of rituals and prayers for others), and an even greater talent for black ops and subterfuge. Outed by his lack of command and diplomatic talent, he was quickly realised as a destructive element that could not be denied combat. He was deployed upon the next Cruiser in orbit, placed with a reconnoitre team but ultimately in a class of his own.

Thorne’s first conflict would not be planetside, though it would be his last under the Imperium’s banner. A disastrous warp incursion struck in multiple places across the Cadian fleet, and the Guard and Navy’s finest were suddenly turning inward and fighting their own. That so many soldiers rebelled so quickly was no accident, likely the delicate work of a cult, well-hidden amongst them.

Each skirmish in the cramped corridors of the ship was unpredictable, but all those in which Thorne fought were won outright, usually through some feat of bravery or honest good-fortune on his part. His efforts were quickly recognised by the surviving command structure and he was reapplied to an escort mission of allegedly great importance. He didn’t realise the gravity of the task until he had delivered the group to their destination. The group, including what he assumed was the ship’s captain, his immediate staff, the head of the astropathic choir, some older generals and some other unfamiliar but expensively garbed and equipped men, were safely delivered to the lighter bays when it dawned on Thorne the ramifications of this silent evacuation. With the inability to determine the depth of corruption within the ship’s many stations, the vital and respected were being flown out before the ship was gutted. Thorne wasn’t sure of the means, but his imagination and training gave him a multitude of possibilities. The same gnawing voice that had plagued him since his arrival on the ship was beginning to make sense. His life, and the lives of all those within the Imperium, were expendable. Not for the greater will of the Emperor himself, but at the whim of the powerful and the privileged.
On any other day such thought would make Thorne pursue punishment for his heresy. But as he stepped from the closing lighter door, almost mindlessly placing the melta charge on its hull, his weak, malleable mind and morals were already Chaos’.

Renegade Imperial Guardsman posing as a local PDF Trooper.
Alpha Legion Infiltrator

Staff Sergeant Thorne

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