Lt Darius Black

Imperial Navy Pilot and drunk

Ws Bs S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel Inf Cor Wnd
25 45 12 25 52 51 40 45 35 24 7 13

Athletics, Awareness, Common Lore (Tech, Imperial Navy), Deceive, Dodge +10, Intimidate, Linguistics (Low Gothic(, Medicae, Navigation (Surface) +10, Operate (Aeronautica) +30, Parry, Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis, War), Security, Sleight of Hand, Stealth +10, Tech-Use, Survival, Trade (Armourer), Scutiny.

Talents & Traits

Hotshot Pilot, Adriot, Jaded, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Weapon Training (Chain, Las, Primary, SP, Bolt, Heavy), Catfall, Marksman, Disarm, Ambidextrous, The Quick and the Dead.


Las Carbine, Las Pistol, Stealth Stalker Bolt ShotGun 2 + 24 rnds, Credentials from Imperial navy, Rebreather, Imperial Navy Uniform, Ration Pack/Water, Gas Mask, Micro Bead, Carapace Armour, Alpha Legion Tracking Implant, 2* Alcohol, Clip/Drop Harness, Grapnel, Photo Contacts, Multi Key, Disguise Kit.

Archetype: Renegade
Pride: Craftsmanship
Disgrace: Regret
Motivation: Innonvation


Alpha Legion Infiltrator

Ex navy pilot turned by the alpha legion.

Was kicked out of the Navy for Drunken behavior.

A pilot without Peer, Was know to carve intricate designs into the cockpit of his Planes, making the vehicles difficult for anyone else to use.

Know to show up for flights drunk.

Think Drunken Master.

Tasked with infiltrating the Navy on Borophos IV.

Currently inebriated

Lt Darius Black

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